Updates from La Bosniere

Last updated 23rd August 2021.

La Bosniere is open
From 9th June fully vaccinated UK residents can enter France without restriction but there remains a risk of change.
I regret any inconvenience caused by the continued uncertainty.

Detailed travel advice is no longer being provided here due to the frequency of changes in rules from governments on both sides of the Channel.
Official Government advice can be accessed using the links below.

Season 2021
Bookings for summer 2021 are available until the winter closure which begins on 1st November. 
UK residents should be aware that travel to and from France remains challenging.
The easiest way to ascertain the current rules is to use the appropriate Government websites which are being updated quickly in response to developments.
The relevant pages can be accessed here:

France will currently only admit non-EU residents who are double-vaccinated. Unvaccinated persons must demonstrate a "compelling" reason for travel to be able to enter France and comply with quarantine rules.   

The current availability calendar at La Bosniere can be accessed here

Enhanced Covid 19 cancellation policy
For the period 1 July to 30 October 2021 I am temporarily amending the cancellation clause (3) of the booking conditions to operate an enhanced cancellation policy:
The standard conditions (available here) will apply again to booked arrivals after 1 November 2021.

I look forward to being able to welcome visitors again.


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